Their stills are superior: highest quality copper, thicker gauge of copper, distinguished craftsmanship, and impeccable workmanship. Hand-hammered pots, columns, and hats, sturdy handles, solid connections, and user-friendly threads are meticulously crafted—and fit perfectly together. I’ve worked on about fifteen different copper stills over the years and none have matched the quality and craftsmanship of those Copperstills delivered.

From the moment I reached out to ask questions about my potential order for new stills, Copperstills became my partners and advocates. They listened thoughtfully to my needs and helped me navigate important choices relative to my order. They procured exactly what I needed from their trusted supplier and facilitated the import and delivery. The moment my order was placed, Copperstills was proactive in updating me about delivery status—and they remained engaged with me after I confirmed my order had been received in perfect condition. They went the extra mile to make sure I was happy and set and they supported me before, at, and after my purchase.

As someone who regularly distills, I can’t say enough about the quality and comprehensiveness of the Distillation Kit that accompanies a still purchase from Copperstills. They take all of the work out of sourcing and supplying EVERYthing you need to get started—heavy duty burner, regulator and 10′ hose, filters, copper funnel, separator funnel, funnel stand, cleaning coils, temperature adjusting pH kit, citric acid for cleaning, rye flour for sealing, you name it …. They have done their homework and they share the best of what they’ve found in their kit. The only things you will need are propane, fire bricks, water, and the source material you want to distill.

Don’t be fooled by those who offer cheap stills “quickly” delivered: you’ll get an inferior still and NO supporting kit or customer service. The only thing you’ll get fast from them is disappointment and heartache. If you want a company eager to connect with you, willing to listen to your needs, uncompromising in quality and customer service, invested in the high touch/high feel work of distillation, and focused on empowering your most successful journey in this magical alchemy, you want Copperstills”.

– Kristina Bauer, The Untamed Alchemist