2024 Product Pricelist

2024 Pricing

We at Copperstills provide a service to simplify your experience.

Importing a product overseas involves many hidden charges, such as broker fees, customs, taxes, and shipping coordination.

We try to set our pricing accordingly, but prices are subject to change without warning due to the fluctuation of converting euros to dollars, the cost of copper, the cost of oil to run the machines that harvest the copper, and the price of shipping.

All of our prices cover the behind-the-scenes costs. There are no hidden fees to you.

Column Alembic Stills


Copper Accessories

( All sieves are custom ordered)

Drain Pipes and Thermometers:  If you would like a drainpipe/ plug and/or thermometers, you must ask for these features when you order you’re still because they are added during the manufacturing process. Please indicate these items when you order your still.

Shipping for all accessories depends on the order. In most cases, none of these accessories add to the shipping quotes I will give you. They will only have shipping charges if shipped individually.

The exception is the drainpipe because it adds volume to the still package, and it would depend on where it was being shipped to, so when a drainpipe is needed, it’s best to request a quote including shipping because I assume the drains will only be included with the larger sizes anyway.

Drain Pipes


All thermometers need to be installed at the time of manufacturing. They are considered a custom order.

Various Accessories


The size of the still determines the size of the distillation kit, or it may be purchased separately.

Small Kit

Large Kit