30L Alquitar Distillation kit


30L Alquitar still

Accessories include:

Propane¬† Burner w/ 10′ hose and Regulator (does not include propane tank)

1000 ml Separatory Funnel with Heavy duty Stand and 5″ Ring

Ph Kit (Digital pH meter.calibration solutions for 4.0 & 7.0, digital thermometer, 1 testing vial)

Copper Funnel and 10 filters.

Condenser Snake (for cleaning)

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This Premium Copper alquitar still comes with a copper pot, soldered union construction, and a helmet lid which functions both as a vapour chamber and as the condensing recipient and allows for both simple and steam distillations.

30L Alquitars:

  • Height: 81cm
  • W: 40cm
  • L: 35cm
  • Diameter of pot: 35cm
  • Helmet diameter: 38cm
  • Thickness 1.3cm

Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 24 × 24 in