60L Column Alembic Still


60L Premium Copper Column Still w/Condenser

kit sold separately

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60 L Column alembic:

  • Height: 131 cm
  • W: 60 cm
  • Total assembled width: 170 cm
  • Column height: 58 cm
  • Pot diameter: 39 cm
  • Thickness 1.4 cm

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 19.68 × 7.87 × 25.59 in


  1. Sherri Wood (verified owner)

    LOVE the 60L size! I just ordered my 4th copper alembic still for my lavender farm. This size is easy for me to fill, empty and clean. Very efficient output. I give workshops in distillation at the farm and the size is also good for students.

    • James

      We are so grateful to you for your loyalty to Copperstills.com but more importantly to your committment to making superb, vibrant and healthy aromatic products with you stills! Have you named your stills? We always hearing the names our customers give to their stills…makes them become more like a member of the family! Warmest, James

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