Harvest to Hydrosol


Want to learn how to distill Hydrosols?

Ann Harman’s new How to Book on the Art of Distillation.

“Harvest to Hydrosol is a detailed introduction to this product of distillation, once simply called the “water of distillation” and now called the hydrosol. She has done the research, looked into the ancient texts, unearthed the secrets that have been kept and often long forgotten.”     Jeanne Rose   Aromatic Plant Project


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SOLD OUT! The second edition coming out 2020-21

Harvest to Hydrosol is a unique book which includes the proven practices of the author, including research conducted by the author’s organization, the Circle H Institute.

The ACT of distillation is an art in itself; it is so much more than the preparation of a simple recipe. In the words of the author, “the book you have in your hands is a road map…” You will learn how to navigate the distillation journey with the aid of this “road map” – including:

  • 243 page How to Book
  • Easy to follow with over 150 of photos, tables, and diagrams
  • Proven practices of distilling plants using copper alembic stills
  • Understand the senses – how the role of smell, sight, taste, hearing, and touch contributes to a successful distillation
  • Understand the plants – including taxonomy, how and when you can distill each plant, and the author’s recommendations based on experience
  • Unique insight – understand the life and soul of water used in the distillation process

Packed with a wealth of research and personal expertise, Harvest to Hydrosol leads you on a practical and mystical journey of a plant’s transformation into a hydrosol. Ann Harman uses her years of experience as an artisan distiller, farmer, and botanist, to guide you in how to easily and expertly distill your own hydrosols.

Ann Harman is an organic farmer who has been distilling plants for nearly two decades. Each year she teaches the Art of Distillation workshops, in addition to lecturing on hydrosols both nationally and internationally. Through her organization, Circle H Institute, she conducts research on hydrosols which will one day lead us to a better understanding of these complex waters

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