ONLINE COURSE: Quickstart Guide to Choosing a Still

This bite-sized training is exactly what you need when you’re thinking about purchasing a still, whether it is your first, or your fifth.

You will learn the six most important things to consider when deciding on what still to purchase.

Start today to learn the six most important things to consider before buying a still!


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The course is taught by Liz Fulcher,


If you work with essential oils and/or hydrosols, you probably know by now that plant distillation at home has become very popular.

If you are curious about distilling plants for essential oils or hydrosols, or if you are ready to purchase a still, but unsure of what to buy, this class will demystify the equipment and the important information you need to know before investing one penny.

What you will learn in this Informative Class:

  • Material:  The three common types of still material – glass, stainless, and copper
  • Style: The difference between a copper alembic still & a copper alquitar still
  • Size: How to determine the best size still you need and the best size to start with
  • Quality: Some ways to determine the quality of a copper still, just by looking at a picture
  • Trustworthy Sellers:  How to find trustworthy suppliers with a checklist of questions to ask them
  • Distillation Education: How to find the best distillation instructions with a checklist of questions to ask them.

In addition, you will receive these Printable Checklists:

  • Printable Chart that will help you understand How to Determine the Size Still you Need
  • Printable Checklist of Questions to Ask your Still Supplier before purchasing from them
  • Printable Checklist of Questions to Ask a Distillation Teacher to see if they are truly qualified to teach the sophisticated art and science of distillation.

Start today to receive the most important information to have at hand before buying a still.

Meet your Course Instructor
Liz and James Fulcher teaching distillation
Hi, I’m Liz Fulcher, Founder of the Aromatic Wisdom Institute, Host of the highly popular Aromatic Wisdom Podcast. I’m a Clinical Aromatherapist, Hydrosol Therapist, Back-porch Distiller, and Aromatherapy Educator and wife of James Fulcher, owner of Together we love teaching you about aromatics and distillation!

I’ve been working with aromatics since 1991, teaching since 1997, and distilling since 2013. I love teaching you how to incorporate aromatics into your personal life and professional practice.



  1. James

    “I would thoroughly recommend the course for anyone thinking about buying a still and starting to distill at home. The course covers the various still materials, sizes and types of still. Liz ensures that everything is well explained and there is time for you to ask questions. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

    “The class is very interesting, full of relevant practical advice and absolutely worth taking by both beginners and experienced distillers.”

    “Although this is a course on stills, it helped me understand the type of material a still is made of is vital to produce good essential oils which widen my knowledge on essential oil too. Thank you!”

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