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Distillation Info

Here is a place to find additional information on distillation of hydrosols and essential oils.

The Art of Distillation is a fascinating and wonderful Journey. We suggest you attend distillation demonstrations, participate in a workshop if possible and read lots! There are as many ways to distill as there are distillers, so learn from many and create your own style. Once you learn the basics, distilling on the ancient style Alembics is not only fun but very rewarding.

Check back here often as we add information and links regularly.

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Hydrosol Info

Want to learn about hydrosols? You have come to the right place!

Ann Harman has spent most of her life learning about plants and the natural world. She has been distilling for nearly 20 years and shares her knowledge through lectures, workshops and her new website.

.Circle H—  a website “dedicated to the research, education and promotion of hydrosols.”

Jeanne Rose has spent decades educating the public about Hydrosols and Distillation. She started the Aromatic Plant Project as an educational organization and “assists people in finding the correct essential oil and hydrosol distillers and distillation equipment for their needs.”

Jeanne also offers Workshops, Aromatherapy Kits for training, and Courses. Her website is a wealth of information, grab a cup of tea and spend some time looking around.


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